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fsbo service agreement

For Sale by Owner (fsbo): Service Agreement
If you would like to proceed and set up an account...

Step 1
Please read and check the box next to each term and condition
to acknowledge you have read and agree to each item.


Step 2
The cost of the service is $20
You may pay using your pay pal account or with a check or money order.
Payable to............"Peacock Properties"
Mail your payment to:
Peacock Properties, 191 Post Road West, Westport, CT 06840


Step 3
Once you have completed this form click "Submit" and proceed to:
"Create For Sale by Owner (fsbo) Listing"


  01. This is a service for owners who are committed to selling their property on their own. While you are using our service under the "For Sale by Owner Service Agreement" you agree to not advertise your property on any other "For Sale by Owner Website" or list with a real estate broker or agent website. You may advertise and market your property in other form of media such as the newspaper and direct them to Peacock web site or your designated web addressas long as it is not another "For Sale by Owner Service."
  02. The cost of your web listing is $20 and will be made available for 6 consecutive months, until the property is sold, taken off the market, or listed with a real estate broker, whichever occurs first.
  03. Should you decide to list with a real estate agent/broker you must agree to notify us immediately and your listing will be removed from the site. If you would like to be switched over to our traditional real estate service or be posted on the Realtor's MLS, please go to our "Sellers...multiple listing service."
  04. You will be given a listing number so that you may direct buyers directly to your listing.
  05. You will be able to schedule open houses and we will provide you with tips and information related to the business of being a For Sale by Owner.
  06. Buyer's will be able to view your property online, contact you directly, schedule showings, check your open house schedule, get directions,and print out property information sheets.
  07. Buyers will have the option to provide feedback following their visit to your property.
  08. Representation and Commission:
a. With our "For Sale by Owner Service" Peacock Properties is not representing you or your property in anyway. We are not your real estate agent or broker.
b. You are responsible for your property and all of its representations.
c. We will not be paying a real estate commission out nor will we be asking for one.
  09. You may contact our office at any time if you have questions or need assistance.
  10. Buyers are using this service with the desire to buy direct from the seller. In order to maintain the integrity of the is service and be in keeping with the state's real estate regulations, we cannot list your property under the FSBO (For Sale by Owner) Service if you have your home or property listed with a real estate broker. If you'd like your property listed on the Realtors MLS (multiple listing service) please go to our MLS Service.
  11. If at any time you are not happy with the service you may terminate the listing and your $20 fee will not be refunded.
  12. You are 18 years of age or older and are the legal owner of the property you are listing.
  13. You will be responsible for the information contained in your FSBO listing. No inaccuracies, misrepresentations or unlawful content are permitted. Should this occur you will be asked to correct the listing. If you refuse to make the correction your listing may be terminated and any fees or purchases will be non-refundable and all rights pertaining to the service will be revoked.
  14. We reserve the right to prevent information that is inappropriate or offensive and deemed so at Peacock Property's discretion and to edit, restrict, or remove such information for any reason at any time.
  15. All material and information you submit you warrant and represent that you own or control all rights to.
  16. Seller agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Peacock Properties for any actual or alleged damages resulting from claims related to the accuracy of the listing or information provided therein.
  17. This is a "For Sale by Owner Service" and is strictly an advertising platform with marketing tools made available to assist you in selling your property. With this service we do not provide legal advice or appraisal services or represent you as a real estate agent or broker.
  18. As a seller you may make as many copies of your listing as needed to sell your property. All forms and property documents available through this service or otherwise copyrighted documents may not be modified or changed and are limited to the number of copies necessary for the sale of your property.
    Please fill in your name (First and Last). If there is more than one owner name please fill in both names provided you have both read and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined herein. Additionally, all legal owners are aware of and agreed to listing the property on this For Sale by Owner Service.
    Home Owner #1
    Home Owner #2
    Are all legal owners named above?

If not, please list all legal owner's below.

    Are all of the legal owners aware of and agreed to the property being listed for sale of this site?
    If you would like to proceed and set up your "For Sale by Owner" account and web listing and agree to abide by and accept the terms and conditions outlined herein please type in the box below "I ACCEPT" and click submit.
    Please print a copy for your records and click "Submit."
    Thank you for your interest and we look forward to assisting you with your "For Sale by Owner" service.
    To print click on "File" on your toolbar in the upper left corner of your screen,
click on "Print" in the drop down menu,
and click "Print" in the printer window that opens.
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