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This is a service for Seller's committed to selling their property on their own without the help of a real estate agent, eliminating the high cost of a real estate broker commission.

Peacock Properties is both a Virtual and local Real Estate Office. Many services are available to you online with live support and a local support. So we are not just out there in cyberspace, but you do have the convenience of what online services can provide as well as being conveniently located.

We are both an MLS service and a For Sale by Owner Listing Service. Our traditional real estate service has a separate structure from our For Sale by Owner Service. If you are interested in a more traditional service or would like to be listed on the Realtor's MLS please go to our "sellers...multiple listing service."

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Our service and support to you as a For Sale by Owner are structured to suit your needs. We know what the challenges and road blocks can be and what the benefits and advantages are as a For Sale by Owner. We offer all the tools and resources to help you be a successful For Sale by Owner.

About your FREE For Sale by Owner listing...

01. As a For Sale by Owner we are offering you a free "For Sale by Owner" real estate web listing. We will create your listing for you with the information you provide, including pictures. You may make changes and edit the information and add and remove photos as often as you choose.
Just fill out the form and submit the changes. Your listing will be updated within 24hrs. To see a sample web listing CLICK HERE

(Note: We are currently working on a computer system where you will be assigned a sign-in and password where you will have access to your listing and be able to make changes directly to your listing any time you like...we will notified you when that system becomes available. For now we will be inputing the listing for you.)

02. Your web listing will be made available online for 6 consecutive months, until the property is sold, taken off the market or listed with a real estate agent or broker.

03. With your web listing buyer's will be able to view your property online, contact you directly, schedule showings, check your open house schedule, get directions, print out property information sheets and provide feedback.

04. You will be able to schedule open houses and we will provide you with tips and information related to the business of being a For Sale by Owner.

05. With your listing you will be given a web address for you to be able to advertise your property for sale and send buyers directly to your web page.

06. We will market the For Sale by Owner Website Properties as a group. We believe you will benefit from other listings being posted since buyer's will be interested in looking at more than one property.

07. Representation and Commission:
a. With our "For Sale by Owner Service" Peacock Properties is not representing you or your property in anyway. We are not your real estate agent or broker.
b. You are responsible for your property and all of its representations.
c. We will not be paying a real estate commission out nor will we be asking for one.

08. Real estate agents and brokers please go toTERMS OF USAGE before proceeding.

09. If you would like to list your property on the Realtor's Multiple Listing Service, please go to our SELLERS...MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE (MLS).

10. For signs, brochure boxes and other real estate tools and information go to ACCOUNT SERVICES.

11. You may contact our office at any time if you have questions or need assistance.


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